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Welcome To Senterprises - About Us

Computer Repair - Because you can't live without 'em, and you really shouldn't smash 'em!

Senterprises is a small company based in Copthorne and Crawley, West Sussex.

I am Sally Edwards, owner of Senterprises, and I will readily admit that I am a computer geek. I love all things computer related and have been "tinkering" with computers since I was 9 years old. My other two passions are the English Language and French.

I grew up in Copthorne and studied Computer Science at university after travelling around the world. I travelled a bit more after university, then took my PGCE at the university of Brighton to become a teacher. I taught in public and special needs schools for several years before branching out to take on this business.

We have a small team here at Senterprises but we are dedicated to customer service and providing the best service possible. Our customer base is a loyal one because we really do provide excellent service and value for money.