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Welcome To Senterprises - Computer Services

Computer Repair - Because you can't live without 'em, and you really shouldn't smash 'em!

Internet security: antivirus / firewall / spyware / adware / ransomware / rootkits / malware - wondering what all this jargon means? Want a cheap and secure solution? We can show you free programs plus good practices to maximise your protection.

Broadband & internet issues - are you having internet connectivity issues or do you just need some advice? Or perhaps your wireless reception doesn't reach parts of your house? No problem too big or too small - just call!

Photos - Are you having trouble printing or editing your photos? Do you know how to import (move photos from a device to your computer) your photos? We can show you how to do these tasks simply and efficiently.

Computer has slowed down / stopped working - isn't it annoying when your computer is slow or just completely breaks down? We have very reasonable rates to fix this - starting at �40! Most people aren't told that a computer, much like a car, needs servicing yearly. Services come in three tiers and are generally ; £40 for a 6-monthly or yearly service; £50 for a service on a computer that is fairly slow; £70 for a service on a computer that has real problems!

Printer problems - we are printer software experts! Oftentimes, printers aren't worth repairing and if this is so, we shall tell you, but sometimes there's an issue with a cheap piece of hardware or just connection issues and that's where we come in!

Upgrades / purchase of new system - this is our speciality, please do ask us for free advice as all the technical specifications are very confusing and we like to make it easy for you.

Mobile phones & tablets - whether you have an iPhone or an Android, an iPad or a Samsung we can not only fix any issues for you, but we can also teach you how to get the best out of your device and mend broken screens.

Web design & logo design & SEO - we offer these services and others on our sister website: