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Computer Repair - Because you can't live without 'em, and you really shouldn't smash 'em!

We understand that many computer companies are not always honest, so we operate on a NO FIX NO FEE scheme.

There is no call out charge and prices can be pre-agreed.

Computer repair prices are not normally charged by the hour since some jobs can take over 5 hours which would make it cheaper to buy a new computer!

Reasonable prices guaranteed.

Having a teacher on the team guarantees that your computer will be set-up in a user-friendly way, and no technical jargon will be used so you will have the pleasure of actually understanding how to use your computer!

Tutoring prices start from 35 per hour.

Computer repair prices are 35 per hour unless a pre-agreed price is fixed. If we go over an hour, it's just a part-thereof 35, not an automatic 35 more!

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